What is Google Meet and How to use it for free

In this article, You going to see discussion regarding what is Google Meet and how to use it in a detail and step by step.

Organizations and people are progressively utilizing virtual gathering and visit administrations, particularly in this season of expanded home working.

Google has its own standard tool called Google Meet.

These were officially part of Google Hangouts, and on the off chance that you have the current Hangouts application you can in any case utilize that.

Google is making venture grade video conferencing accessible to everybody.

Is google meet free? Presently, anybody with a Google Account can make an internet getting with together to 100 members and get for together to an hour for each gathering (as long as 24 hours for each gathering through Sept. 30, 2020).

As has been seen all the more as of late, workers need benefits that help them to interface over the video, and their visit experience must be community-oriented.

In this way, in light of that, Google has transformed Hangouts into two administrations, Meet and Chat, which are planned for uniting groups.

Organizations, schools, and different associations can exploit propelled highlights, incorporating gatherings with up to 250 inner or outer members and live gushing to up to 100,000 watchers within a domain.

Here’s all that you have to think about Google Meet.

What is Google Meet?

These applications structure interchanges benefits that empower text, voice, or video visits, it is possible that one-on-one or in a gathering.

They’re are incorporated with Gmail, YouTube, and Google Voice, in addition to there are applications for iOS, Android, and the web.

It’s basically a helpful and practical joint effort stage for the normal individual just as big business clients.

Chat for Chatting is basically the business partner to Google Duo, the shopper video calling application for up to 12 members, despite the fact that Google reported that Google Meet is accessible to anybody with a Google account, so will go about as a Zoom rival and will have a great deal of allure to normal clients outside of organizations.

Google Meet is for group calls and meetings

Google portrays Meet as “a video meeting involvement in one objective: make joining gatherings easy”.

The organization needed to improve Hangouts to make it simpler and quicker for individuals start and join video gatherings.

Hangouts tool Meet has a light, quick interface and empowers you to simple oversee up to 250-people gatherings.

To affect gatherings you initially expected to have a G Suite account, yet Google is currently making it accessible to everybody – with fluctuating degrees of usefulness.

You can discover it at google meet and it runs in the program in case you’re utilizing a PC.

How to use Google Meet?

Video conferences in Google Meet free

To begin your gatherings, you’ll essentially share a connection.

There will be no records, modules, downloads, or bothers in case you’re as of now in the Google eco-system and marked into a good browser like Chrome.

Individuals can tap on a connection from Google Calendar, an email welcome, or a specially appointed offer. What’s more, in case you’re dialing in from a meeting or called conference room, your PC, or a devoted portable application, it’s only a couple of snaps and you’re in.

Presentations in Google Meet

Meet offers local, full-screen introducing, which makes it simple to feature your group’s tasks, in spite of the fact that the sharing choices aren’t as powerful as those you’ll discover in Zoom, in spite of the fact that there is the helpful choice to share a solitary Chrome tab.

G Suite integration in Google Meet

G Suite is Google’s bundle of cloud-based administrations that can furnish your organization or school with another approach to cooperate on the web.

You get each and every domain name and access to Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other G Suite administrations like Meet.

For G Suite Enterprise clients, each gathering has a devoted dial-in telephone number.

How to access Google Meet?



Utilize any cutting edge internet browser—no download required

You can begin a gathering or join a gathering or meeting from any cutting edge program on your work area or PC.

There’s no extra software application to install.


For Download and installing the Google Meet mobile app.

For sharing screen we can use Google Meet which can be download and install from play store.

How to start a video meeting? – Join google meeting

To Make another meeting/gathering (join google meeting)

To make another video meeting, sign in to your current Google Account or pursue free.

Welcome others to your web based gathering/meeting

Send a connection or meeting code to anybody you need to join the gathering.

For the free form of Google Meet, visitors should make or sign in to a current Google Account to join.

Join a gathering/meeting

Tap the gathering/meeting link to invite, enter the gathering code from your host here, or assemble into the conference utilizing the dial-in number and PIN in the welcome.

How to use Google Meet’s free features?

Every one can enjoy help full free video conferencing for up to 100 members.

Google Meet likewise offers counter-misuse estimates like an enemy of commandeering to help secure your information and protection

  • Boundless number of gatherings/meetings
  • Live inscribing during gatherings
  • Good across gadgets or every device
  • Video and sound preview on screen
  • Flexible designs and screen settings
  • Good and Flexible Controls for every video conference meeting

How to add a profile pic on my Google meet?

To add profile pic to Google Meet, first open the app in your mobile.

You will see the screen show below.

Google Meet App open on click.
Google Meet App open on click.

After click on corner icon next screen going to display as below.

After click on corner icon.
After click on corner icon.

In above image you will setting button, please click on that.

Next screen is display as below shown

Setting Screen
Setting Screen

In the above image you see red marked tab, please click on tab for next step.

Next screen will display like show below.

Manage Google Account tab
Manage Google Account tab

After click on Google manage account next tab seen as below.

Google account screen
Google account screen

Then Click on personal info tab next screen will display as below.

Personal Info Tab
Personal Info Tab

After click on that icon shown above in image below tab appear to add profile pic. It take some time appear on screen.

Next screen will be display as below.

Add Photo Link
Add Photo Link

Google Meet vs Zoom

PointsGoogle MeetZoom
ProsExtremely simple to utilize and compelling. Love the moderate UI. Doesn’t suck up an excessive amount of battery.Works each and every time. Extraordinary sound quality and exceptionally clear video. Love the convenience.
ProsLove utilizing this standard tool at work! Extremely simple to utilize and convey at work with collaborators without interfering with them to an extreme!This product is incredible, it works reliably, is simple for all customers to utilize and gives numerous extraordinary highlights
ConsThe main drawback is that when there are associations with low data transmission, the video freezes a ton, yet the option of making just voice calls comprehends it.The foundations are fun, however, in reality somewhat alarming for little youngsters, anything too far off to the camera becomes dull – at some point that incorporates individuals or body parts.
ConsWork area module once in a while freezes yet while it is running accurately it is extraordinaryThere are relatively few terrible comments, simply note that in certain courses some bother can happen as it shows a redundancy and you don’t have the foggiest idea whether you are in a live meeting.
Operating SystemsWindows
Google Meet Vs Zoom

How to schedule a google meet?

In this we see how to schedule a google meet in Google Calendar on mobile

Open the Google Calendar app on your smartphone or tablet.

Tap on the multicolored + button at the bottom right of the screen.

Google Calendar App as opened
Google Calendar App as opened

Tap on Event.

Event Tab
Event Tab

Scroll down, and tap Add conferencing.

 For conferencing
For conferencing

Tap Google Meet.

Set a time, add participants, and set notification reminders.

Tap on Google Meet
Tap on Google Meet

So it is very simple and easy to schedule a google meet! Now you can plan for that meeting while you’re out.

So finally done with the discussion regarding meet and its working.

It can also be used for meeting or video conferencing regarding website related technology like WordPress.

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