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What is Blogging Platforms

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Complete guide and educational information regarding what is blogging platform. It is one type of service which very helpful in providing information and solution.

The blogging platform is used for the management of content on the internet.

It is very useful for providing information regarding many services that help many people in their day-to-day life.

One can earn money online using this blogging platform by adding content and ideas.

With the help of this blogging platform, one can do marketing of their products and increase sales.

Complete Education regarding what is blogging platforms

The blogging platform helps users add, maintain, manage, and publish well-written content in a blog online.

The main thing regarding this blogging platform is that it is very different from the website.

In this platform, publish content in the blog is shown on the website in reverse order.

The current written content is shown first on the website.

How Blogging Platforms Work on Website?

With the help of the blogging platform, the user publishes the post(content), displays the content publish date and assigned the post author.

Using this service, users can tag the helpful content with a particular category.

It is also useful for tagging the post with multiple keywords.

The tagging of a post is helpful in search of a particular position.

Previously program or software used for developing websites and blogs is completely different.

But today content management system is used for blog and website development regarding adding web pages and posts.

In today’s case, mostly used WordPress is for adding blog web pages and post every day in the cms management system.

List down at least five examples of the blogging platform: Types of Blogging Platforms

Many different companies offer free and paid services for posting, publishing and hosting blog content.

Some of the best free blogging platforms are as follow.

If you share your ideas and personal Education for providing others, then free blogging works well in all conditions.

But if you are writing good content to get good online money-making, then use paid service self-hosted blog platform like WordPress.

If you use this, then you are own your boss and complete control over it.

Alternatives to Blogging Platforms: Other services

There are several major benefits of using this blogging platform called WordPress.

Many people find them technical to use.

Many website builders are not technical to use for website development and design, manage a blog.

The blogging and Website platform are not much different.

Most platform websites allow the user to add blog features, and many blog platforms have the element of making a good website.

What Is Forum Posting In SEO 2021

There is some downside to such a website builder.

In such website builders, you will find less customization and little amount of integration of third-party modules.

Best Advantages of Blogging Platforms

The best advantage regarding the blogging platform is that it helps in optimizing the blog content.

Advantages of Blogging Platforms

It helps the search engine from many sides and makes it very easy to do.

Many blogging platforms include the feature to add metadata, which helps tell the search engine what the website features and about.

It also includes a website title, a description and related keywords regarding your post.

It is very helpful for the search engine to figure out everything regarding the website.

To get free traffic, the blog needs to add the best quality content post regularly.

By doing this regularly, it is helpful for search engines.

Adding high-quality content and getting traffic needs good keyword research to find what exactly people are looking for.

What is WordPress and How does it Work

With the help of blogging, you can also earn money online.

You can make money online by selling many e-books and products of other people via providing reviews and also do earn money as an affiliate.

You can also use the platform for selling your product and other related services.

If you plan to earn money online, it is best to go for paid service and a well-hosting provider.

Blogging platforms examples

Below are some of the best examples of blogging platforms.

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. Tumblr
  4. Wix.com
  5. Medium.com

Best free blogging platform

Many entrepreneurs, internet users and small business holders are looking best way to start blogging and earn some money.

There are two types of blogging platforms one is free, and another is paid.

Warning regarding the free platform of the blog is that there is limited control on the post content and certain difficulties in download and export.

If you are looking to earn some good income from a blog, go for the self-hosted platform of blogging.

If you intend to provide content for helping others, you can use the free blogging platform.

Below listed are the top 5 best free blogging platforms.


WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging.


The main thing regarding this platform is that it provides free and paid service.

WordPress is completely free for both sites.

You have to buy a hosting service if you have download WordPress from wordpress.org.

For the completely free version, open the account on WordPress.com.

WordPress.com is similar to Blogger.com, where you get a free set of the theme.

Benefits of using the platform (WordPress.com)

You can use a custom domain on it like Blogger.

Not have to worry regarding maintenance such as security, upgrades, spam filters and backups.

Contain a large set of themes.

Many bloggers are very used to, friendly and easy to use.

How to get started with WordPress.com

To start blogging carrier on WordPress.com.

The first step is setup up your account on it.

Then you will need to add some custom domain, and if you have decided to use the free version, then your domain looks like yourdomainname.wordpress.com.

It is a very important part of blogging, so decide the domain considering your brand.

If you intend to earn money online then, It is good to go for some beginner hosting package that comes under $10 for blogging.

The main advantage of the self-hosted version of platform WordPress is that you can display ads on your website with the help of an advertising network.

You can earn more money when traffic gets increased.

Best WordPress Hosting -Which Hosting Service is Best for WordPress?

How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress Post


The best and free blogging platform from Google is Blogger.


It is extremely famous and very much popular.

Millions of users use it.

Benefits of using Blogger(Blogger.com)

It is very easy to use and set up.

In Blogger, you will get many free designs and templates.

No Requirement needs to know codding and add custom code.

Top 7 Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Your Business

How to get started with Blogger

The first step is to create an account on Blogger by visiting Blogger.com.

It is best if you already have a Gmail account.

Use the Gmail account and link with Blogger.

After the account creation and you have full rights to works on the blog.

You can also start using the writing blog post and other many features on Blogger.

The function regarding E-commerce is very much limited.

It is very good for the user who wants to share information and idea on the internet.


Blogging using Tumblr is one of the best and easiest ways of blogging.


Minimum and limited options available on Tumblr.

Many of them focusing on sharing photos in various and different themes.

Benefits regarding blogging in Tumblr.com

Custom domain is used.

Using a mobile device and Computer desktop, blogging can be done.

With the help of their network, you will get shared traffic.

How to do blogging with Tumblr.com

On Tumblr.com, you have to create an account for that you have to sign-up.

To do blogging on this network, you have to spend some time learning everything about it.

In this platform, some part is used blogging, and some part is used for social media.

If you completely decided to do blogging, you can use a different website for business and products.



It is one of the best platforms for Website development, and it has paid service monthly.

In Wix.com, there is also a free blogging platform that is powered by Wix ads.

You will find many templates in Wix, with the help of which you can set up the best look and feel for your blog.



It is a good and new blogging platform.

Its growth rate is tremendous and very popular.

The medium platform is mainly focused on good quality content.

How to get started with Medium.com

Like Tumblr, you have to create an account, and you can access all the medium features.

You can also create an account on medium with the help of existing social media account include famous Facebook, Twitter and Google.

The main thing in the medium is that if you created an account using an existing social media account such as Facebook or Twitter, the medium would automatically transfer every follower to the medium network.

Blogging platform meaning

It is one type of system where the user adds their information which helps others for problem-solving.

Using this system, users can add their good opinion, publish a useful article to other and product reviews after completion published on the website.

On the Blogging Platform, people can add their opinion regarding an article that helps another visitor regarding a post.

Blogging meaning

Blogging is one website on which good and quality content is added, which helps many users.

On a particular blog, blog visitors comment on the blog regarding the post.

This comment helps other visitors with their solution.

Blogging is referred providing a solution to others with the help of good quality content.

free blogging sites to earn money

Blogger and WordPress are one of the best free blogging sites with the help of which you can earn money easily.

You have to assign a custom domain and go for a good hosting package.

The next step is to write some good quality content and wait for getting traffic to your website.

After more traffic reach to the website, then apply for different advertising network.

Different networks have an extra level of requirement for approval.

After getting approval from the advertising network, you add ads to your website.

With the help of this advertisement, you can earn money.

Recommendation: It is recommended to go with paid service platform in which you will get more features such as templates, design and flexible customization.

Blogging and publishing networks definition

Blogging is adding good valuable content and then publish which helps others.

To get top 10 rankings on Google, do proper on-page search engine optimization.

It can be achieved by sharing on different social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and other networks such as Pinterest.

Due to sharing the article on the different networks, there is a chance to get more traffic on it.

With the help of Quora also you can achieve traffic on your website.

You have to answer the article that is already present on your website and then add a link to your website to bring traffic.

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