The plan for Google to combine all of its communication services into Meet was supposed to (finally) make things easier.

It was intended to offer some reason and order to a business that has consistently overanalyzed these issues and made them incredibly complicated.

One More Important about is that The company relaunched Duo as Meet and added Meet features this month.

Duo's unexpected name change hasn't pleased many customers. Google has given the Android Meet app its own unique app launcher shortcut in the form of the original Duo symbol and name.

Duo launches Google Meet. Same app, two methods to access it. 9to5 Google Google told Droid Life it did this so users could still find Meet by Googling for "Duo"

But again, the fact that this had to be done shows that the company has lost track of how to plan for these services.

The Duo shortcut can help. Still, it can cause confusion, especially when Google urges everyone to "use Meet for video calls and meetings only."

We have two app icons and names. If you open multitasking after starting Meet using the Duo shortcut, you'll see the Duo symbol at the top.