3000 Cattle Dead in Kansas From heat Wave Last Week.The cattle industry has been reeling from the news of more than 3000 cattle deaths in Kansas in the last week

It is Due to animals cannot expand their airways as they inhale water vapour, the recent extreme heat and humidity may be to blame.

Particularly heartbreaking is the death of cattle producers. Many have been cutting their herds because of drought and high feed costs.

High temperatures and extreme heat were blamed for the deaths of thousands of Kansas cattle over the weekend.

Officials believe that heat and humidity may have caused more damage than the 3000 cattle currently in Kansas.

Concerns have been expressed by livestock specialists, who believe that there could be more than 3000 cattle deaths.

 Experts attribute the heat wave to global warming and climate change. These heat waves could have a far-reaching impact on livestock

According to livestock experts, the heat wave has done significant damage to Kansas' economy and agriculture.