VoIP vs PSTN – What is the Difference?

In this article, you going to see the difference between VoIP vs PSTN in a detail and step by step.

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Lets look at the exact comparison between between VoIP vs PSTN.


It stands for Public Switch Telephone Network.

PSTN actual a landline device, which is motionless i.e cannot be movable except for cordless.

It work on the basis of two pair of copper wire which are reserved for one landline in which one works as a transmitter and the other one as a receiver.

With the help of local Telephone exchange, connection is made and then number is allotted to device.

It is called as the Landline Telephone Number.

Whenever a call is placed, the copper wires tx-rx the connection is wired.


It Stand for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

VoIP includes an Internet connection.

With the help of IP (Internet Protocol) address, communication is generally done.

It is uniquely assigned to any device which communicates via internet.

Used in the application which is get connected via internet, which are not get charge for calls and also for video calls.

Connection is made with the help of transmitting signals and then receiving the information via near by base station know as telephone tower.

Which is done with the help of optical fiber, which works on light.

What is Difference?

Requires Dedicated LinesWorks over one Internet connection
In each direction, each line is 64kbpsIn each direction, Compression can result in 10kbps
Extra cost requires the Features such as call waiting, Caller ID.Features such as call waiting, Caller ID, and so on are usually included free with service
It Can be upgraded or expanded with help of new equipment and line provisioningFor Upgrading mainly requires bandwidth and software upgrades
Long-distance is usually per minute or bundled minute subscriptionLong-distance is included in the regular monthly price
Hardwired landline phones usually remain active during a power outageLose power, lose phone service without power backup in place
For tracking your location, placing a 911 call911 emergency calls cannot always be traced to a specific geographic location

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