The Next Big Thing in Difference Between Magento 2.1 And 2.3

Is anyone know that Magento 2.3 DB schema and coding structure same as compare to Magento 2.1/2.2
We going to check with feature list or difference between 2.1 and 2.3

Magento 2.3 Release in November 28, 2018.So move towards discussion regarding Magento 2.1 And 2.3

Some of the important feature in Magento 2.3 are as follow as:

  • The Progressive Web App
  • The GraphQL language
  • The DB Schema
  • The Asynchronous and Bulk Web API
  • The Elasticsearch Updates
  • Platform PHP 7.2
  • The Multi Source Inventory
  • The WYSIWYG Upgrade
  • The Page Builder
  • The Cache-Management ACL
  • The Google reCAPTCHA
  • The Two Factor Authentication

Difference between M2.3 vs M2.1/2.2

Feature List

M 2.3

M 2.1/2.2

The Progressive Web AppYesNo
The GraphQL languageYesNo
The DB SchemaYesYes
The Asynchronous and Bulk Web APIYesNo
The Elasticsearch UpdatesYesNo
Platform PHP 7.2YesYes
The Multi Source InventoryYesNo
The WYSIWYG UpgradeYesYes
The Page BuilderYesNo
The Cache-Management ACLYesYes
The Google reCAPTCHAYesYes

Magento 2.3 : The Progressive Web App

PWA is frontend technology it is a web app which uses modern web capabilities to give an app-like experience to every users. The PWA are built with a JavaScript framework like React, Vue.js or may be AngularJS for handling data and displaying it every thing.

Magento 2.3 : The GraphQL language

GraphQL is nothing but a data query language which is developed by Facebook and it is released in 2015, Where as Magento 2.3 implements GraphQL as an alternative API endpoint which is an addition to REST & SOAP.

Magento 2.3 : The Elasticsearch Updates

It is nothing but the searchengine which is based on the very unique library, which provides a very useful distributed, plus multitenant capable full text search-engine with an very important HTTP-web-interface and plus schema-free JSON documents.It is mainly developed in Java,It’s released as open source which is under terms of Apache License.It is also may become a default search engine in the future.

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