IN-GAME UPDATE: The New Orleans Saints take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

On Sunday afternoon, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will kick off their participation in divisional play by travelling to New Orleans to take on the Saints inside the Caesars Dome. Last week, both sides prevailed in their respective matches, albeit in quite different ways.

On Sunday Night Football, the Buccaneers completely dominated the Cowboys, but the Saints rallied back in the fourth quarter to steal a victory for first-year head coach Dennis Allen in Atlanta.

In the regular season during the past few years, the Saints have had little trouble defeating the Buccaneers. Since Tom Brady joined the Buccaneers in the year 2020, New Orleans had won four consecutive games and defeated him each time.

During the playoffs, Brady did end up having the last laugh by directing Tampa Bay to a victory on the road by a score of 30-20, which set them up to win the Super Bowl.

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Important Updates Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Detail About Pregame

Inactive players for Tampa Bay include Chris Godwin, Donovan Smith, Julio Jones, Kyle Rudolph, Ke’Shawn Vaughn, Kyle Trask, and Zyon McCollum.

The following players are inactive for the New Orleans Saints: Alvin Kamara, Paulson Adebo, Tre’Quan Smith, Wyatt Davis, and Nick Vannett. Payton Turner is also inactive.

FIRST QUARTER: After winning the coin toss, Tampa Bay decided to pass on starting the game. The first game for New Orleans will be a football game.

Mark Ingram has now run for a first down in each of the last two plays. Antoine Winfield Jr. came up with a key stop that prevented what might have been a touchdown.

Jameis Winston passes to Michael Thomas via an open space in the zone defence after the Buccaneers only rush three players.

After gaining 13 yards, Taysom Hill decides to keep the ball for himself and drives the ball into the red zone. At this point in the game, New Orleans is dominating the fight at the line of scrimmage.

The defence is about to face a third-and-short situation.

As a result of Winston’s incomplete throw, New Orleans will try a field goal from 31 yards out.

Will Lutz’s field goal attempt was successful, giving the Saints a 3-0 lead with 9 minutes and 2 seconds remaining in the first quarter.

The game will start with Tampa Bay on its own 25-yard line.

On third down and long, Tom Brady completes the convert by throwing a pass to Scotty Miller on the sideline for 23 yards.

Another first down goes to the Patriots after Tom Brady completes a pass to Mike Evans on third down.

Brady finds Russell Gage for a short gain to set up 3rd and 1.

The snap exchange was difficult for both Hainsey and Brady, and as a result, New Orleans was able to recover the fumble.

On third down, the Buccaneers are able to sack Winston, but New Orleans is awarded a free first down because of a personal foul.

After gaining 3 yards, Ingram is brought to the ground by linebacker Devin White.

After Shaq Barrett makes a tackle that results in a loss of yardage for Taysom Hill, the Saints will punt the ball.

It is a fair catch for Jaelon Darden, who is located at the 23-yard line for the Buccaneers.

The ball is found by Leonard Fournette six yards to the right.

Information about 2nd Quarter

On third down, Mike Evans breaks loose, leading to a gain of 41 yards for the offence.

A new first down is earned by Fournette when he gains 13 yards by running over Tyrann Mathieu.

Third and long is established inside the red zone thanks to a short run by Fournette and an unsuccessful pass completion.

On third down, Fournette fails to cross the first down marker and the play is unsuccessful.

It was decided by Todd Bowles to go for it on fourth down, but Fournette was unable to get it done. After the ball was turned over, New Orleans was given possession again.

Winston makes a short pass to Ingram, and the Saints now face a third-and-7 situation.

New Orleans will be forced to punt once more when Tampa Bay causes an interception to occur.

The punt is returned by Jaelon Darden for 17 yards to the midfield position. The starting field location for Tampa Bay was very favourable.

The Buccaneers got off to a shaky start. The offensive team is currently facing a third-and-13 situation.

After going three and out, Tampa Bay will be forced to punt for the very first time today.

The Saints are pinned at their own 7-yard line as Jake Camarda’s punt travels 42 yards and touches down.

The Saints go for a play-action, but Winston’s throw goes right through Chris Olave’s hands.

With this last failure, we are now in third and tenth place.

Michael Thomas gets the first down thanks to a pass from Winston that went over the middle.

Thomas pulls in another reception, but he is flagged for offensive pass interference after the play is over. The Saints are now facing a second-and-14 situation as a result of the penalty.

It is now third and 5 due to an offensive infraction by Tampa Bay.

Chris Olave makes a conversion for the Saints by coming back to catch a ball.

Winston loses control of the ball, but an offensive lineman is able to recover it and advance the ball to the fourth down.

The Buccaneers are pinned at their own 13-yard line after a punt by the Saints.

A faulty beginning on Tampa Bay.

The Buccaneers go scoreless in the first three innings, and Camarda punts for the second time. With 1 minute and 43 seconds left in the first half, New Orleans has possession of the ball at its own 36-yard line.

Even though the pass is incomplete on third down, the Saints are awarded a first down due to a controversial penalty.

On third down, Antoine Winfield makes a tackle that results in a loss of yardage for Winston. With 28 seconds left in the game, the Saints will punt after receiving a penalty for delaying the game.

At their own 14-yard line, the Buccaneers hold possession of the ball with 23 seconds on the clock and three timeouts remaining.

Tampa Bay takes a knee. At the half, the Buccaneers find themselves down 3-0.

Important About 3rd Quarter

Brady’s first two passes of the second half are completed well, but a holding penalty changes the play to second and 16.

Tampa Bay is facing a third and long situation.

The Buccaneers are awarded an automatic first down whenever they commit a defensive holding penalty.

Marshon Lattimore gets a hand on the pass that Tom Brady is trying to make to Evans deep in the field.

The Buccaneers will have to punt on their first drive of the third quarter because Scotty Miller was unable to bring down a pass thrown by Tom Brady.

The return of Camarda’s punt takes place at the New Orleans 16-yard line.

After going three and out, the Saints will punt the ball right back to the Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers are back in business at their own 23. There are still no points recorded on the board.

Third down is reached after Rachaad White makes a small gain on the ground and Breshad Perriman brings in a short throw for the receiving team.

The decision that was made on the field is being contested by New Orleans.

The decision that was made on the field has been overturned. The completion from Brady to Perriman is taken out of the equation, making it third and eight at this point in the game.

Rather than flinching, Brady shrugs and then throws a pass to Perriman on the left side for a first down convert.

Cameron Jordan makes a tackle on White, resulting in a loss of one yard.

The pass that Brady attempts to complete is broken up at the line of scrimmage. The Buccaneers are facing a third-and-10 situation.

The play by Perriman fails to advance the ball past the fourth-down marker. In an effort to draw the score even, Tampa Bay will take a field goal shot.

It was 3-3 after Ryan Succop kicked a field goal from 47 yards out with 6 minutes and 44 seconds remaining in the third quarter.

The kickoff results in a touchback for the receiving team. The battle is won by New Orleans at its own 25.

Winston maintains his position in the pocket and completes a pass to Thomas along the sideline for a first down.

Ingram exploits a gap up the middle of the field and gains 12 yards and a first down as a result.

Devin White fails to make a tackle, and the Saints capitalise on the opportunity to complete another conversion.

Inside the red zone, the Buccaneers are able to recover as Logan Ryan is able to force a fumble by Mark Ingram. The stop that Tampa Bay needed to make to prevent New Orleans from regaining the lead was huge.

Fournette’s two runs bring the score to third and one as the first quarter comes to a close.

In 4th Quarter

Fournette is unable to advance when New Orleans is up third and short. To start the fourth and final quarter, the Buccaneers will punt the ball.

Because the Saints were called for a penalty, Tampa Bay was awarded an automatic first down. It was a very poor decision to give Brady a second chance.

The sack that Brady takes puts the Patriots in a third-and-long position.

As a result of the violent fight that broke out on the field, Marshon Lattimore and Mike Evans have both been kicked out of the game. Lattimore, Tom Brady, and Leonard Fournette were involved in the altercation. Evans came rushing from the area close to the sideline and threw a hard blow on Lattimore, which resulted in a fight breaking out between both teams.

After Camarda’s short punt, the ball is given to the New Orleans Saints at their own 45 yard line.

Winston engages in some deep play-faking conversation with Chris Olave. The Buccaneers benefit from an outstanding play by Jamel Dean, who successfully picks off the ball.

Because New Orleans committed a personal foul, Tampa Bay was awarded a free first down.

Despite the fact that Brady’s pass was unsuccessful, the Saints were penalised for defensive holding. Another movement is being made using the chains.

Following consecutive rushes by Fournette, the offence is now facing a third-and-5 situation inside the New Orleans 30-yard line.

Breshad Perriman scores a touchdown thanks to a pass from Tom Brady, who had all the time in the world to complete the play. The Buccaneers have taken the lead with ten minutes left in the game!

There is still 7 minutes and 41 seconds left in the game, and Tampa Bay has a 10-3 advantage.

After a respectable kickoff return, the Saints will get the ball at their own 33 yard line.

Jameis Winston is brought down for a loss of yardage thanks to the efforts of Devin White and Joe Tryon-Shoyinka.

The pass that Winston attempts to throw is incomplete, as Dean comes up with his second interception of the fourth quarter.

With 6 minutes and 45 seconds remaining, Tampa Bay has possession of the ball at the New Orleans 29-yard line.

In the event that New Orleans does not budge, the Buccaneers will attempt a field goal from 47 yards out.

After Succop’s successful conversion, the Buccaneers have a 13-3 advantage with 5:50 left to play.

During the next possession, Mike Edwards makes a touchdown return after intercepting Winston and scoring a score himself. The Buccaneers now hold a 20-3 advantage.

With 3:02 left on the clock, New Orleans is able to cut their deficit to 20-10 thanks to a touchdown pass from Winston to Thomas that capped off a six-play, 75-yard drive for the Saints.

The onside kick is recovered by Tampa Bay with 3:02 left in the game.

It’s three strikes and out for the Buccaneers. Succop is about to take the field to try a field goal from 55 yards out.

Delay of game called by Tampa Bay in order to acquire additional time to punt. Camarda is about to come out for Succop.

With less than three minutes left to play in the game, Camarda’s punt takes a bounce inside the opponent’s 10-yard line.

The play continues with Winston making a connection with Chris Olave along the sideline. Olave loses his balance, and the ball rolls out of his grasp as it falls to the ground. Carlton Davis is the one who picks up the loose ball. The inexperienced player made a huge error.

The ruling made on the field will be upheld. At the two-minute warning, Tampa Bay has possession of the ball.

Despite Three consecutive rushes for a first down by Fournette, the Buccaneers are unable to advance the ball and are forced to kick it away.

With 1 minute and seven seconds remaining on the clock, New Orleans has 1st and 10 at its own 23 yard line.

Winston is brought down by Barrett for the sixth sack that Tampa Bay has recorded today.

The final score was Tampa Bay 20, New Orleans 10.

Conclusion : Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2022

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