Shukla Paksha in June 2022

Shukla Paksha in June 2022 : You may have heard about the upcoming events of the Hindu month of June, such as the upcoming asteroid swarming the Earth. You might have also heard about Krishna Janmashtami or Akshaya Tritiya. These days are considered auspicious for prosperity. In the Hindu tradition, these festivals are celebrated by cleaning the house and distributing charity to the needy.

Important Dates to Keep in Mind Regarding Shukla Paksha in June 2022

Shukla Paksha Amavasya in June 2022

The Hindu calendar features a fifteen-day period called Shukla Paksha, which is associated with the white and bright moon. It begins on Shukla Amavasya (New Moon) and ends on Purnima (Full Moon) day. It is considered an auspicious time and is celebrated with many festivals, including the Navratri. Here are some important dates to keep in mind during the month of June 2022.

The fourteenth day of the Hindu calendar is called Chaturdashi. This is the day when Hindus worship Lord Ganesha, Hanuman, and Krishna. Several other festivals take place on the fourteenth day, including the Mahavira festival, Ramadan, and Dasara. The following table gives you the dates of these important Hindu holidays in 2022. For additional information, visit the Hindu Calendar page to see the Hindu calendar and find out when Shukla Paksha occurs.

Griha Pravesh ceremonies can be performed any time of the year during this month. You may consult an astrologer or priest to determine the best time to move and how to prepare for it. The muhurat for this auspicious ceremony is mid-July to mid-October, so you’ll have plenty of time to choose a date. If you’re moving across the country, you’ll probably have the most luck moving in this month.

Chaturdashi in June 2022

In case you’ve been awaiting the festival of Shakti and wish to purchase a new house, it’s time to prepare yourself! The next major Hindu festival falls in June 2022. The day of the festival, Chaturdashi, is the eighth day of the waning moon in the month of Shukla. Moreover, it falls in the second half of the month of Jyeshta, from May 17 to June 14.

Whether you’re planning to buy a new car, invest in a new home, or just enjoy the festivities, make sure to mark the right time to purchase it. Hindus believe that the best time to buy a new car is the day before Shakti. The Hindu calendar has sixteen sacraments, beginning in April and ending on the last day of Shukla Paksha.

Thousands of people celebrate this day by waking up earlier than normal and massaging themselves with special herbal oils. Some people perform a ritual bath in the presence of the moon, which is believed to protect them from misfortune and poverty. Some people also go to family temples and honor their mother goddess, Kula Devi. Depending on where you live, you can also celebrate Holi on the first day of the waning moon, or the next day of Diwali.

Akshaya Tritiya in June 2022

The day on which the Sun and Moon are at their brightest is called Akha Teej. According to Hindu astrology, these days are considered auspicious. The first period is known as Ashvin, followed by the third period of Vaisakha. The next phase is Kartik Shukla Paksha, which is known as the full lunar month.

In eastern India, Akha Teej marks the beginning of the harvest season, and businessmen worship the goddess Lakshmi to have a prosperous year. This day is considered pious for purchasing gold as it represents good wealth. This day is also believed to be lucky for new business ventures, construction projects, and marriages. In West Bengal, women celebrate the day with great devotion.

This day is considered an auspicious day for buying gold and making major investments. It falls on a Friday, one day prior to ParashuramaJayanti, the Hindu festival of the sun. However, this day is not a public holiday, and you should only use it for auspicious purposes. This day is an auspicious one, and you should use it to your advantage.

Krishna Janmashtami in June 2022

If you want to have an unforgettable celebration of Krishna’s birthday, then you have to make plans for this festival early. In the year 2022, the festival will fall on June 20th, so start preparing now. The day of celebration will include fasting, prayers and religious activities. In Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna, devotees will visit Krishna temples to pay tribute to the Lord. In the evening, devotees will perform a puja to the Lord.

As per the Hindu lunisolar calendar, the date of Krishna Janmashtami will vary in the year 2022. In the month of Bhadrapad, the eighth day of Krishna Paksha is observed, and this month can fall on either July or August. The calendar for 2022 indicates that the day will fall on Thursday, August 18th. Since the date is four months in the future, the Hindu calendar is going to change in 2022.

The Hindu calendar is often inaccurate, but the date for 2022 is based on astrological calculations. This date is a bit far off from the actual day that Lord Krishna was born. However, it will certainly be a significant event. As a Hindu, you should be prepared for the festivities that will come at this time. For instance, if you are planning to celebrate the occasion with your loved ones, you should be prepared to dress up as Krishna and eat special food for Krishna.

Griha Pravesh in June 2022

This year, the Griha Pravesh will fall in the month of Shukla Paksha, the month of the New Moon. There will be a special ceremony for this muhurat. It is the same as the housewarming ceremony that occurs in western cultures. However, there are differences. If you’re considering performing the Griha Pravesh during this time period, you should be aware of some important details about the ceremony.

To perform this puja, you should consult your priest and decide the most auspicious day for your Griha Pravesh. Then, you should invite your relatives and friends to celebrate this auspicious day with you. When you invite guests to the puja, prepare some prasad in advance, and then distribute it to the guests. Don’t forget to buy some gifts for your guests, so that they can share the auspicious occasion with you.

The dates for Griha Pravesh in Shukra Paksha in June 2022 are the same as those for the current lunar month, the Jyaistha. However, the first two weeks of June 2022 are the best days for this pooja. In addition to the dates mentioned above, the Griha Pravesh in the Shukla Paksha in June 2022 will also fall in the same month as the Grah Pravesh in Mahaloosh in Shrikhandha in December.

Bhadra kaal in June 2022

The Bhadra kaal of Shukla Paksha will fall on 14 August, which is the last day of the month of Kartika. The other important festivals of this month are Mahashivratri, Uttarabhadrapada, Parigha, and Simha Sankranti. The lord of this month is Lord Krishna, and the festival is dedicated to her.

In Hindu astrology, the full moon falls on the day of Bhadra kaal. This is considered the best time to purchase a car. The other auspicious days are Dhanishta, Shukla Paksha Ashtami, and Shravana. The eight-day auspicious days are the most favorable for buying a car, since they are a perfect match for Bhadra.

The Hindu calendar says that the year 2022 will be the Bhadra kaal. This kal is 12 hours long, and is considered inauspicious for new ventures and journeys. It can be beneficial for relationships and a healthy lifestyle, but it is inauspicious for marriage. The Bhadra kaal of Shukla Paksha in June 2022 will be considered a lucky time for marriage and childbirth.

Vastu muhurats in June 2022

If you’re planning to move in or buy a new home in 2022, then you need to know about the Vastu muhurats for Shula Paksha in June. Traditionally, June is considered an auspicious month for moving into a new home. But that’s not always the case! There are a number of other auspicious dates in June as well. Let’s look at these important dates in detail.

The ‘Shubh’ muhurat for June 2022 is considered one of the most auspicious days of the year. Interestingly, there are thirty different shubh muhurats for different activities in a day. Each of these shubh muhurats lasts for approximately 48 minutes. This is because the sun is a little higher on the horizon at this time, so it is better to avoid this ‘bad’ nakshatra.

As for the ‘good’ muhurats for June 2022, you can perform them in any order you choose. For example, during the ‘Shukla Pujan’, you should start the digging process in the north-east corner of the site where you want to build. That way, your house will get the blessings of the gods and protect you and your family.

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