SAR CPL full form in Police

SAR CPL full form in Police : It contain information regarding SAR CPL stands for in case of police department.

The SAR CPL is Special Armed Reserve and CPL is City Police, It also called as Stipendiary Cadet Trainee Police constable.

Complete Details regarding SAR CPL full form in Police

SAR CPL full form in Police

what is sar cpl in police department

In the police department, SAR CPL stands for Special Armed Reserve – City Police

sar cpl police duties

All the duties.

  • Inspection annually each and every office of zonal area
  • Attending every meeting regarding subject of given zonal area.
  • Handle each and every duties and maintain co-ordination within the branches.
  • Visit personally to check every area problems and situation and maintain regulation and solve problem.

sar cpl hyderabad

In Hyderabad SAR CPL i.e Stipendiary Cadet Trainee Police constable do there duties and check every situation and co-ordination within every branches in hyderabad.

cpi full form in police

In Police, full form is Police Crime Prevention Initivities

ar police full form

It is Armed Reserve (AR) in Police

apsp full form

The full form apsp and stands for Andhra Pradesh Special Police.

spf full form in police

In case police the spf full form is “secial polic force”.

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