Remove ampersand from String PHP

In this article, you going to see how to remove ampersand from String PHP in a step by step in a simple way with example.

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Let’s start with the topic to remove ampersand from String PHP.

There any many methods to remove ampersand.

Method 1: Using function called str_replace function.

It is a function, used to replace some characters with some other characters.

Following are the rules for string replace function.

  • In array, the string is searched and returns an array.
  • Next is inside an array, the string is get searched and find and replace performed with every array element.
  • For every find value, the string is get replaced in case of a find is an array and replace is a string.

The important point regarding string replace function is a case sensitive.

Syntax for function called str_replace function.


Below is the detailed information regarding syntax.

findIt is Required. Represent the value to find
replaceIt is Required. Represent the value to replace the value in find
stringIt is Required. Represent String which is to be searched
countIt is optional. Count number of replacements
String replace information

Below is code snippet from which you can understand how to remove ampersand.

$str = 'product=1&amp;qty=1';
$resStr = str_replace('&amp;', '&', $str);
echo $resStr;
// product=1&qty=1

Method 2 : Using Function called htmlspecialchars_decode() function.

It is a function which convert the predefined HTML entities to characters.

Below are some of HTML entities that will be decoded are:

&amp; becomes & (ampersand)
&quot; becomes " (double quote)
&#039; becomes ' (single quote)
&lt; becomes < (less than)
&gt; becomes > (greater than)

Syntax for the function called htmlspecialchars_decode function are as follow as:


Detailed information regarding syntax.

stringIt is Required. Represent String which is to be decode
flagsIt is Optional. Represent how to handle quotes
html special decoder information

Below is code snippet for removing ampersand using htmlspecialchars_decode function.

$str = "This is simple &amp; meaningfull text.";
echo htmlspecialchars_decode($str);
// This is simple & meaningfull text.

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Finally, we have done with point how to remove ampersand from String PHP.

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