PHP vs JavaScript: What is the best PHP or JavaScript?

In this article, we going to discuss PHP vs JavaScript in-depth and step by step with example in a simple way and best comparison.

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Let’s start with the topic of PHP vs JavaScript.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994.

All type of complex and dynamic web application is developed using PHP and it is considered as one best power tool in a programing language.

It is sever side scripting language.

PHP 7 is latest stable release.

The well formatted code is written between start and end processing instruction

Below is given example for the syntax for PHP from you can understand.

	echo "Syntax for PHP for writting code";

In case of web application development both PHP and JavaScript is used.

There are some cases in which both PHP and JavaScript for achieve certain common goal in case well formatted development.

JavaScript is handles process of development for front-end.

And PHP is handles both Front-end and back-end.

If going to see the most trending well developed website such Facebook, yahoo, Flickr use PHP and JavaScript together.

Comparison of PHP vs JavaScript

The PHP is opensource server-side scripting languages using in the development of the backend of the website.A JavaScript is considered a full-stack programing language. It is used for both client-server sites.
It is comparitively slower than Javascript and very easy to learn.Faster as compared to PHP and not easy to learn.
PHP is also called synchronous programing language as the code line is get executed one by one from start to end.Important regarding Javascript is also called asynchronous programing language as does not wait for the execution of the input-output operations. Code get executes all the at the same time
In the case of PHP, It is supportable on Windows, Linux, Mac, platforms. An important point is Supported by IIS, Apache, and Lighttpd web servers.Mostly all browser is supported such as Mozilla, Google Chrome, and many more.
Highly securable code.Less securable code.
It allows easy and direct access to the database.It needs an environment for accessing the database.
The well-formatted for well-developed website, code is written within <?php ... ?>tag.The code snippet is written within <script> …</script> tags.
PHP VS JavaScript Difference.

Main Point of Comparison

It is used to generate dynamic pages, send cookies, receive cookies, collect form data.JavaScript previous use for development interactive pages
for the clients and now it is also used developing games and applications, mobile applications and many more.
Also called as Multi-threaded language.Also called as Single-threaded language.
In the case of PHP, the Extension used for saving PHP file is .phpThe extension used for saving the javaScript file is .js.
PHP code is embedded with HTML.Js code can be easily embedded in HTML, XML, and AJAX.
Supports more advanced features.Supports fewer features.
In the case of PHP, Popular frameworks are Laravel, Symfony, FuelPHP, CakePHP, and many more.In the case of Javascript, Popular frameworks are Angular, React, Vue.js, Meteor, etc.
WordPress, Tumblr, MailChimp, iStockPhoto use PHP for its development.Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, used Javascript for its development.

Difference between PHP and HTML

Conclusion :

Above Comparison of PHP vs JavaScript is covered mostly all the points.

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