Ok Google Not Working – Best Way to Fix it

In this article, you going to see a discussion regarding Ok Google Not Working and Best Way to Fix it in a detail and step by step in a simple way.

Due to growth in Android and Google Fans, there is also increase in using of Google Assistant best features.

But what happened, when google assistant stops working.

If it stops working is directly affects the user’s frustration.

There are some points due to which we can fix it when okay Google is not working.

Let’s have look some of the easy point regarding how to fix it when ok Google is not Working.

Before moving toward important point, Let’s check first its cause.

Why Google Assistant Not Working?

If you look there are many reason behind why Hey Google or OK Google is not work while using Google Assistant.

It can be any point such as having no internet connection which disable the Google Assistant service on phone.

Like this below are the some common reason due to which Google Assistant not working.

1) Phone is not Compatible.

2) No Internet connection – (Offline Phone)

3) Microphone is not working.

4) Due to other apps comes in way of working.

How to Fix Google Assistant Issues?

There are many thing you have to check issue regarding the Google Assistant.

If you come the know that what the reason that your Google Assistant malfunction, then you can easily fix it.

Important Note: The points for enabling this google assistant service is different for Android and iPhone. So it very important to check with the correct phone model using a Google support document before checking all the points regarding your phone.

1) Check Google Assistant regarding all point is compatible with your phone model device. The first and important point you check with all the point system requirements and its compatibility. Also to confirm that it working your phone model.

2)Second Important point is to check the mobile data internet connection or Wi-Fi data connection. It is due to maybe you are in the dead zone of the mobile internet data area network. So please check with you area network. Another point regarding the Wi-Fi Connection, there are many reasons behind the Wi-Fi internet connection not working. So check properly your connection regarding the Wi-fi connection.

3)Main Role played by Microphone. Check the microphone of your mobile phone device. Check whether it might be not enabled or not working. There some specific point due to which you can check or test microphone is working or not. So Let’s have look on the below points.

a)Using another apps such as Skype/Other Sound test service to check microphone.

b)It can also be checked by installing other Google play Store phone check app on your mobile device.

c)Use the Hangouts audio troubleshooting steps to check microphone.

4)Check Audio or Voice Activity is not disabled on your mobile device.

5) It is also due to Language, If the wrong language selected during first setup So please check check with Language Setup.

6) Try to set up once again the Google Assistant. It is maybe something that gets corrupted during the installation process. So try once again set up.

7)Check with app is responding or not. If not then try re-install the Google Assistant.

8)It is may be due to many other apps interfere with Google Assistant. So try to disable and delete apps on your phone device.

Below are the some of apps due which this issues get arises, so please check with this apps.


b)Voice apps and many others.

9)It is also due to may be due to voice not match. Google Assistant not recognize your voice. So it is better recognize your voice to do Retrain the device.

10)Check or contact Google Customer Support.

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Conclusion :

Check with above all point to Fix Ok Google Not Working.

I hope you like this article and if you think that i have missing something, please comment below.

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