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Moon Knight review Episode 6 Finale : Gods and Monsters

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Moon Knight review Episode 6 Finale : It turns out it’s hard to be a Moon Knight fan who also watches Marvel’s Moon Knight. More than once in this series, I was thankful that I knew what was going to happen next.

Marc Spector had DID, was the avatar of Khonshu, and could wake up in a psychiatric hospital to come to terms with his reality. He also had an identity hidden inside him that was much murkier than he wanted anyone to know.

Moon Knight Episode 6 recap and review

As someone who meets regularly and reviews these episodes, I was disappointed Marc Spector’s story felt like it was largely ignored.With the similarities to a superhero show that would have made the show more exciting, I longed for it to have been even weirder than it was.It was amazing to me that after such a long time of talking, Moonie got his own show.

Once I finished watching this series, I knew that it wasn’t going to offer me any new details about the MCU and Moon Knight’s potential character.I never was pretended that I knew too much about Moon Knight. All I wished was that I knew less about him.

Delivered Moon Knight Gods and Monsters 2022

As a result, the parts I found interesting here were new or reimagined.A fresh look at Arthur Harrow.Layla El-Faouly as a character that is very different to Marlene Alraune.Marc Spector’s origin story, rewritten and more in depth.

Steven’s relationship with Marc was baffling, and it seemed like Englishness was a part of it.Ammit is one of the MCU Villains.

In “Gods and Monsters”, Moon Knight delivered a solid finale with more surprises than expected.

I expected to see a Kaiju fight between Ammit and Khonshu in the sixth episode.I expected Layla to become the avatar of Taweret.

I was wrong.Harrow has been a controversial figure, and I didn’t expect him to be the one confined to psychiatric hospital.I was shocked to see that the uber-violent Jake had been working with Khonshu this entire time.

When I saw the Moon Knight limo, complete with its personalized SPKTR number plate, I didn’t expect it.I was happy to see that there were all these things in the box!

Moon Knight is a consistent and reliable superhero comic, with its own set of issues.The CG was largely disappointing, the story was way too linear, and it tried to cram way too much content into six episodes.

The finale gave us a lot of interesting scenes, but it was also a hot mess.It was a good moment to watch Khonshu and Taweret battle. I cheered when Layla rejected Khonshu. The costume for Taweret was nice and cool.

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