Mammootty New Movie Rorschach Review 2022

Mammootty New Movie Rorschach Review

Mammootty New Movie Rorschach Review :The husband of a woman who has gone missing waits for her to come back, but what are his true intentions?

The audience participates in Luke Antony’s plan to wage war on ten characters in the film, analogous to the Rorschach test’s ten inkblots, which is a psychological projective test. Is it based in reality or the imagination? Never mind, it’s riveting, terrifying, and entertaining all rolled into one.

Complete Mammootty New Movie Rorschach Review 2022

A startling thriller written by Sameer Abdul and directed by Nissam Basheer, whose previous film, Kettiyolanente Malakha, revolved around the relationship between a husband and wife, this is Basheer and Abdul’s second collaboration together.

On the other hand, it is not at all like his first film in any way, shape, or form. Instead, it is a hard-hitting ghost hunting thriller with a powerful cast and a horrific atmosphere that will make you feel uncomfortable.

Cast And Crew Movie rorschach 2022

Cast :

  • Mammootty
  • Asif Ali
  • Bindu Panicker
  • Grace Antony
  • Sharafudheen

After being in a car accident, Luke Antony goes to the Thalamuthikunnu police station to file a report about the disappearance of his pregnant wife, Sofy. He is worn out and broken down completely. After a prolonged and exhaustive search, the authorities have concluded that she will never come back, but Luke is not ready to accept this conclusion.

He sets up his camp in the town that is surrounded on all sides by dense woodland and has an uncanny stillness about it with the assistance of a local man named Balan. Is Luke only killing time as he waits for his wife to come back or is he now ready to get his revenge after all these years?

Rorschach Review 2022

Important Other Member In Movie

  • Cinematography: Nimish Ravi
  • Edited by: Kiran Das
  • Music by: Midhun Mukundan
  • Production company: Mammootty Kampany
  • Distributed by: Wayfarer Films
  • Release date: 7 October 2022 (India)
  • Running time: 150 minutes
  • Country: India
  • Language: Malayalam
  • Budget: ₹ 10 crores

Mammootty is quite skilled at concealing his beautiful looks by putting on a weak face, stooping shoulders, shaking his fingers, and wearing black hoodies. His character sketch raises more questions than it answers. Despite the fact that he may suffer from schizophrenia symptoms such as insomnia, isolation, and unexplainable aggression, he is attentive.

He inhabits a fantastical universe that is parallel to our own. Or is he a man who has been subjected to the repercussions of white room torture and now shies away from living in the real world? Nevertheless, the performer turns it into a make-believe scenario, taking the audience members along for the ride.

Bindu As Seetha In Movie Rorschach 2022

Bindu Panicker is a well-known actress in India who has appeared in over 200 films over her career. In Malayalam movies, she has appeared in roles that range from comedic to character-driven. She was given the award for best supporting actress at the Kerala State Film Awards in 2001 for her work in Soothradharan. She was in the executive committee of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists when she was active in the industry.

Seetha is brilliantly portrayed by Bindu Paniker, who also gives an outstanding performance. She is shrewd and powerful, and she is prepared to engage in a fight with anyone who stands between her and her sons. Seetha and her sons remind one of the mother in the narrative in which the lad was punished by the monarch for his illegal acts by having his mom’s ear bit off.

Seetha and her sons are similar in appearance. The chemistry between all of the actors makes the characters come to life. The movie is given additional flavour by the performances of Sharafudheen as Satheeshan, Grace Antony as Sujatha, Jagatheesh as Ashraf, and Sanju Shivram as Anil.

Rorschach Movie 2022 Trailer

Nimish Ravi’s visuals, Kiran Das’ crisp edits, and Midhun Mukundan’s music which sets dark and different moods in the picture and even touches the spectator on a subliminal level are what make the film more electric than the writing, the making, and the acting.

Sameer Abdul deserves a lot of credit for writing an intriguing screenplay that is based on a psychological test that was devised in the early 1950s by a Swiss psychotherapist named Hermann Rorschach in order to determine the personality features of individuals. With the exception of the Watchmen comic series and the films based on it, this idea has not been implemented in too many films.

The psychological thriller on human connections, feelings, vengeance, greed, and love is multifaceted and contains a lot of different dimensions. In addition to that, there is philosophy.

There are moments when letting go is the better option than continuing to cling on. The first step on the path to exacting retribution is to dig two graves — one for yourself and one for your adversary. When someone is greedy, they make themselves an easy target for death.

Conclusion : Rorschach Movie

The overall experience of watching the movie in a theatre would be the ideal way to get a rush of adrenaline because it is so immersive. Congratulations, Rorschach team, on taking the risk, making the effort, and devoting the attention necessary to dish it up hot and haunting.


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