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Magento 2 Setup Upgrade Command Error solved

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Magento 2 Setup Upgrade Command Error solved, complete guide and clarification, root cause, explained in a simple way.

Many users who are working with Magento 2, many time stuck during running the command named setup upgrade. You will be going to understand with help of the below solution regarding how to fix this error.

The error occurs during the execution of the below command.

Complete guide Magento 2 Setup Upgrade Command Error solved

The command is given below.

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

And the error you will get is as follows.

Magento 2 Setup Upgrade Command Error solved
Magento 2 Setup Upgrade Command Error

Below is the solution to fix this error.

To fix this setup upgrade error command, open the file name composer JSON and the path of the file is c:\xampp\htdocs\magento. After open, the file, remove the module from the file.

"magento/composer-root-update-plugin": "~1.1",

After removing the above line from the composer JSON file, then save the file and upload the file again.

Then it is necessary to run the below command.

composer update

When you run this command, it will update the composer file composer.json to composer.lock.

After doing the error of the setup upgrade command is get fixed.

Now when you will run the setup upgrade command, everything in the case of Magento 2 is working smoothly.

During the installation of Magento 2 this command of used.


Finally done with a solution regarding the setup upgrade command.

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