Complete guide on Magento 2 architecture

In this article, you going to see complete detail regarding Magento 2 architecture. We going to see in detail step by step.

Magento 1 architecture is completely different than Magento 2.

In each and every aspect of both frameworks completely different.

It is an entirely extensive and modularized form of source code.

It is designed with an objective in this architecture of Magento 2.

In this architecture, the main point is to completely allow to achieve full customization as per the requirement of the project.

For every functionality and every business, the logic module is designed in this architecture.

In Magento 2 has a MVVM architecture called Model View View-model.

Due to this MVVM, it became more robust in the working process between view and model layer.

The working is similar to Model View Controller.

From the below info-graphic diagram, you come to understand completely regarding the all points MVVC.


Let’s start with the discussion regarding architecture step by step: Magento 2 architecture

Each and every point is very important in this.

So let’s start with step by step in detail.

All the steps which is Model, View and View-model is very important in the architecture for every operation.

Step 1: Model – Magento 2 architecture

Model is the important part of the architecture were all business logical operation is taking place.

It’s all logical operation is related with the class in which resource model accessing database.

If we see in MVC it is similar in the case for logical data management and its fundamental data which is completely important in the operation of the application.

In view, all request coming is due to the model responds.

Step 2: View – Magento 2 architecture

View is the output, which is coming from model due to business logical operation that user see as a graphical interface on the screen.

The view is mainly responsible for displaying output which is coming from users’ requests.

The view is a layout in which data is get represented in a specific format.

How the front end look is due View.

The view represents the look and feel of the front end.

Step 3 : ViewModel – Magento 2 architecture

The model layer is responsible for the expose of important information.

With the help of View layer due to the interaction of View-model.

It is totally due to the Block class of module in Magento 2.

This Block Class is controlled by the Controller of the MVC system.

In Model View ViewModel, the controller is mainly responsible for handling the user request.

It is coming from the model.

Afterward, it tells the system to perform the operation of view.

And if an error occurs redirect to users another route.

INSERT DATA in Custom Table using REST API in Magento 2

It consists of Model and also the commands which finally get converted in view.

Magento 2 Consist of four-layer:

  • Presentation Layer.
  • Service Layer.
  • Domain Layer.
  • Persistence Layer.

From Below you come to understand completely in a detail.

Presentation Layer :

In the architecture of Magento 2 uppermost part of the layer is nothing but the Presentation layer.

When we talk regarding the interaction with the graphical interface in Magento 2.

It is the time you can say we are interacting with layer code called presentation.

It contains all elements of view and controller are as follows – blocks, js, CSS, templates, etc.

Service contracts using the service layer which is called by the presentation layer.

Overlapping of business logical operation and functionality are due to the Presentation layer.

Service Layer

It is the middle among both the presentation and the main important domain layer.

If we can see in the above diagram you come to understand completely.

It build a bridge between resource-specific, presentation, and domain layer.

With the help of the PHP interface, Service contracts are implemented by the service layer.

With the help of this service contract resource model of business, logic is get changed.

This all thing is done and achieve completely.

It is due to with the help of configuration in the dependency injection file.

It grants access between API. Above the domain, the layer presents the service layer.

Below the presentation layer present layer called the service layer.

Domain Layer

All business logical operation is achieved is due to the layer called Domain Layer.

Information regarding specific-resource and specific-database does not contain in this layer.

Data Object in Magento 2 and the main important model which include all business logical operation.

All this is due to the domain layer.

To access each and every data from the database with the help of MySQL calls.

In every layer in domain refers to a model resource.

Persistence Layer

It explains the model resource, which is indirectly responsible for extracting data.

It also responsible for modification in the database with the help of CRUD.

CRUD is requests Created, Read, Update, and DELETE.

To achieve this request, the model resource contains the code of SQL.

Business logic operation and functional capabilities are also get performed.

Due to this implemented completely.

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