Install Mailchimp Magento 2 Composer

In this article, you going to see how to Install Mailchimp Magento 2 Composer. To achieve this we going to check in detail step by step.

Before installation process in Magento 2 for any extension using composer you should have “Access Keys” pair.

Access keys pair always get asked before installing any extension using composer.

If you do not access key pair you just have to create a Magento Marketplace account and pair of access keys in the access key section.

Once you have created access keys and then we can proceed with the installation of any extension using the composer.

Let’s start with the process to Install Mailchimp Magento 2 composer.

Before installing using composer. It is important to check with the composer is on your local system.

If it is not please check with below Download Link and install the composer on your local system.

Composer Download and Install.
Composer Download and Install.

Once the check with composer on local system you can execute below command in Magento root directory to install Mailchimp.

sudo composer require mailchimp/mc-magento2

As the command is executed the system will ask for authentication.

Then provide you Access keys pair as public key as a username and private key as password.

Afterward download process is get started.

As the process is completed update the Magento configuration using the below command.

bin/magento-cli setup:upgrade

After you execute of above command, then in the next time if you use the command composer update it will automatically update Mailchimp.

Next step is to execute below command which very much important process after installation extension.

php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento cache:clean
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

There are many other extensions may require some important additional steps please check with all their important points of there installation, so it is always recommended that be carefully check the installation process instructions of the extension.

Magento 2.4 Installation

Magento Mailchimp not Syncing

In some cases Magento Mailchimp not syncing is due to setting or some configuration of Mailchimp extension.

Every Magento website admin section has always a newsletter subscription standard.

Mailchimp going to use that to sync with there API.

It is always bounds as a default.

You do not have to worry regarding bind it to anything special as long as your customer appears in Marketing->Communications->Newsletter Subscribers.

Mailchimp Magento 2 Configuration

Below are the steps are given regarding how to Mailchimp Magento 2 Configuration.

There is a multi-step process to create a mailchimp store inside magento and configure its setting.

Then we have to connect that store to Magento by adding your API key and decide what all the information to share between two apps.

To add API Keys navigate to Magento 2 Admin panel, click on Mailchimp and choose in Configuartion.

Mailchimp configuartion

In Mailchimp Magento 2 Configuration section, input API key in API global field list then click on save config to save the configuration.

Now the next step is to create Mailchimp store in Magento to add all the store details and customize settings like contact information.

Create New MailChimp Store

It is needed to sync all the Mailchimp audience to Magento admin section.

To do this navigate Magento 2 admin panel section.

Click Mailchimp and choose to create to Mailchimp Stores.

Then Click Create New Mailchimp Store.

Now the next step is to choose from the dropdown section your API key which help in Mailchimp audience to sync.

Then input your other store details and click save.

Input all the details of your contact information in address section and then click save.

There are also additional option in Mailchimp configuration which is according to your requirement
you can set and click on save.

To save all the configuration settings.

Finally we done with the creation of Magento store and now ready to connect Magento 2.


Finally we done with all the process regarding Mailchimp and Install Mailchimp Magento 2 Composer.

I hope that you like this article.If you have any query regarding this feel free to comment on it.

I will be happy to reply on it.Thank you for going through article till end.

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