In this article, you going to see how to delete a page in google docs in a detail and step and step in a simple and well-explained way.

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Let’s start with the topic of discussion regarding how to delete a page in google docs.

Google Docs is very popular and important for adding content or text using blank page or called as document in google docs in well formatted way as per the requirement every user using google docs with the help of the features provided google docs.

There are many different to way delete the content or delete docs.

Let have a look into this step by step in a detail.

Method 1 : Delete Document in Google Docs via Highlight and delete contents.

An important point regarding this is that it works for all scenarios such as blank pages from the start of one to two-line or in the middle or end of the document.

Below are the step for deleting the docs using highlighted method.

1) Step one is to open the google docs and then open the document you want to delete which contain pages .

2) With the help of blink cursor, then select from start to end of the page to delete which you want to delete.

3) Select all the content of pages by dragging the mouse and then press the backspace or delete button to delete the content of pages of the document.

Using custom spacing – To delete a page in google docs

Method 2 : Using custom spacing remove the unwanted pages from the Google Docs

This is another way, with the help of which you can remove the unwanted pages from the Google docs.

Let’s have look on this how to remove the unwanted pages from Google Docs.

To achieve this follow below steps.

1)Step one is to open the google docs.

2)Open the document you want to delete which contain pages.

3)In the top of menu bar, there menu link called Format.

4)Click on the Format and then inside format there is submenu called Line Spacing.

Using Custom Spacing
Using Custom Spacing

5)Click on Line Space and Inside Line there is a submenu called custom spacing.

Line Spacing
Line Spacing

6)Then, click on custom spacing link to open the dialogue box custom spacing, You need to adjust the space after a paragraph.

7)In Dialogue Box of check custom spacing set before and After paragraph spacing is higher then zero, if it is higher than zero then set to zero.

8)Then Click Apply button.

9)Check Unwanted Pages disappears.

Conclusion :

Use the above method one can do the topic of how to Delete a Page in Google docs

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