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The 5 Best Things About How Many Keys In Keyboard

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In computer, it is essential to know everyone the 5 best things about how many keys in Keyboard.

In Keyboard contain different section and in every section present several keys.

Every key present in the Keyboard has its importance and function.

The Keyboard of a standard computer usually contains 101 Keys.

There are many keyboard company which manufacture Keyboard.

The company which manufacture Keyboard are such as 1981 IBM Keyboard, IBM Updated 1984 Keyboard, Original AT Keyboard, Updated AT Advanced Keyboard, Traditional US Keyboard, European Advanced Keyboard, Windows Keyboard, Laptop Windows-based Keyboard, Multimedia Windows-based Keyboard.

There is also Apple company which manufacture three different types of Keyboard.

  • The one which includes the Numeric Keypad contains 109 keys.
  • The Second Wireless Keyboard consists of 78 keys.
  • MacBook Air laptop contains 78 keys.

The 5 Best Things About How Many Keys In Keyboard

Below is the list of Keyboard with a number of key present in them.

  • 1981 IBM Keyboard (83 keys).
  • IBM Updated 1984 Keyboard (84).
  • Original AT Keyboard (84).
  • Updated AT Advanced Keyboard (101).
  • Traditional US Keyboard (101).
  • European Advanced Keyboard (102).
  • Windows Keyboard (104).
  • Laptop Windows-based Keyboard (86).
  • Multimedia Windows-based Keyboard.

There is also you will find Miscellaneous keyboards.

The different country keyboard configurations include more than 104 Keys.

In this type of Keyboard, key for controlling CD Drive and specific media functionality using special keys.

It also contains additional number keys for different functionality.

In Gaming, Media, Programmable Keyboards contain 110 to 115 keys.

types of keyboard keys

The are several types of key present in a keyboard such as Alphabet, Number, Special, Function,
Navigation keys.

Every key has specific functionality.

Alphabet (A-Z) Keys

Every Keyboard contains 26 Alphabet from A to Z.

It is not present in alphabetical order and used for typing word, character and sentences.

Number (0-9) Keys

It is mainly used for typing number.

It is present on the upper side of the alphabet key and also a present righthand side of the Keyboard.

Special Keys

It is used for unique functionality in writing word, character, sentences.

Special keys are Space bar, Caps lock, Backspace, Shift, Enter, Symbol and Tab etc.

Function Keys

There are 12 function keys labelled as F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11 and F12.

Every function key are used for a different function.

Navigation Keys

It is used for navigation, and key are Cursor Keys(Arrow), Home, End, Ctrl, Alt, Page Up, Page Down, Delete, Insert etc.

how many types of keys in Keyboard?

There are five types of key in Most of the Keyboard, and each key is used for a specific function.

how many numeric keys in Keyboard?

Most Desktop Keyboards have one numeric keypad include 17 Key and 18 present in the Apple keyboard.

You will find a numeric keypad on some laptop, and on some laptop, it is not present.

There is an external numeric keypad, and you can connect and use it with a USB.

how many number keys on the Keyboard?

Ten key are present on the top of the alphabet key and ten key on the righthand side.

There is a total of 20 number key count from 0 to 9 on the Keyboard.

how many alphabet keys in Keyboard?

Every English Keyboard contains 26 alphabet key as the 26 letters present in the English alphabet.

how many symbols are on a keyboard?

A QWERTY English Keyboard contains 40 symbols such as ~,! @, #, $, and %, which are not numbers and letters. In that, you will find some difference because some key have two symbols.

how many arrow keys in Keyboard?

There are four arrows key present on the Keyboard, such as the up, right, down, and left arrow.

The arrow key also present on the number keypad.

It means there are a total of 8 key of arrows on most of the Keyboard.

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how many rows of keys are there on a keyboard?

There are six rows of key, including the function key row you will find in most of the Keyboard.

standard Keyboard has how many function key

In every standard Keyboard, there are 12 function key such as F1 key, F2 key, F3 key, F4 key, F5 key, F6 key, F7 key, F8 key, F9 key, F10 key, F11 key and F12 key.

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how many function keys are on a keyboard?

You will find 12 function key in most of the Keyboard, and every key has a specific function.

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