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Export MySQL Database Command Line Windows Xampp

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Export MySQL Database Command Line Windows Xampp, complete clarification and explained in detail and simple way step by step.

With the following below given steps, you going to understand very easily.

In the first step, we going to access the bin directory in MySQL and in the second step we going to export the database.

Let’s start with the topic of Export MySQL Database Command Line Windows Xampp

Export MySQL Database Command Line Windows Xampp
Export MySQL Database Command Line Windows

Before doing this always start to run MySQL, apache on Xampp

Step one: Access bin directory in MySQL

Use the shortcut Window+R to open a command prompt, due to this run will going to open and then in that type cmd, due to this command prompt get open and run.

The next step is to go to the bin directory of MySQL. For the Xampp, the path of the bin directory is given below.

cd C:\xampp\mysql\bin

Step two: To Export database using command line

Use the below simple command to export the database using the command line.

mysqldump -u UserNameDatabase -p DatabaseName > Requiredsqlfilename.sql

After entering, you will be asked for a password for the database.

It will be shown on the screen below.

export database command line xammp
export cmd line


UserNameDatabase: It is the username of the database

DatabaseName: Name of the database.

Requiredsqlfilename: It is the export file name that is going to be saved inside the bin directory.

The path of exported SQL file is stored in the bin directory.

Below is the path of the folder.

export database command line file
export database command-line file

It is very much useful during Magento 2 Installation process.


Finally done with the topic regarding the explanation of export of the database

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