DSP Full Form in Police Department in Hindi

DSP Full Form in Police Department in Hindi complete tutorial with clarification and other details with everything in depth. In this, you come to know everything regarding DSP and included terms such as DYSP, DCP, DIG, ACP, and the name ASP.

The Full Form of DSP is Deputy Superintendent Of Police.

It is one type of rank that is held in every police force. The position of DSP in the police department is above superintendent, who is assistant and below superintendent.

All the other terms also come under the police department section. It is beneficial, and you come to understand the information given in simple Form.

Clarification regarding the term DSP Full Form in Police Department in Hindi

DSP Full Form in Hindi

DSP Full Form in Police Department in Hindi
DSP Full Form in Police Department

हिंदी में (DSP)को पुलिस उप-अधीक्षक कहते है। यहाँ पुलिस अधिकारी में यह तरह का रैंक कह लाता है। राज्य पुलिस अधिकारी होने के कारन राज्य पुलिस अधिकारी कहकर इसे सामान से बोला और प्रतिद्वन्दित किया जाता है। “DSP” बनने के लिए पुलिस अधिकारी विभाग में कम से कम १५ से २० वर्ष तक सेवा करने के बाद ही हमे पुलिस अधिकारी में “DSP”के रैंक से सम्मानित और प्रतिद्वन्दित किया जाता है।

DYSP Full Form in Police

DYSP Full Form in Police is Deputy Superintendent of Police. It is also called the head of the police force in taluka, which is entirely consistent and come under city or town.

It is considered one of the essential heads in the police department to control and maintain a well-balanced environment in a city or town.

DSP Full Form in Marathi

In Marathi, the DSP is called as जिल्हा पुलिस उप-अधीक्षक, and In English, it stands for Deputy Superintendent of Police, and In the Hindi language, it says as पुलिस उप-अधीक्षक |

DSP Full-Form Salary

The Officer called the Deputy Superintendent of Police under state or the central, and the salary range is between 50 to 60000. It may vary up and down but not fixed for the ACP officer whose salary is above 60 or 65. The complete Form of ASP is assistant superintendent of police. The Salary of ASP also changes sometimes.

DCP Full Form in Hindi

The complete full of DCP in English is Deputy commissioner of a police force in the Indian government and the term DCP in का फुल फॉर्म इन हिंदी है “सहायक पुलिस उप-युक्त” |

The Salary of the DCP is mostly above 65. It may vary.

ASP Full Form in Police

In the Police Department, the complete Form of ASP is Assistant Superintendent of Police.ASP in the police has many responsibilities and his task for controlling and maintaining a well-balanced environment. They also get a good salary package for maintaining the level in city and town via doing his excellent work.

DIG Full Form in Hindi

इन इंग्लिश का फुल फॉर्म (DIG)Deputy Inspector General है – और DIG – इन हिंदी फुल फॉर्म है उप महानिरीक्षक।

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ACP Full Form

The Complete full Form of ACP is Assistant Commissioner of police. In the service of IPS, called Indian Police is considered as one of the top ranks. Under the police force department, every Officer is of a certain rank. And ACP is one of them.

ASP Full Form in Hindi

इन इंग्लिश ASP का फुल फॉर्म है – “Asistant Superintendent of Police” and In the Hindia language the ASP is call as “सहायक पुलिस अधीक्षक ” कहते है ।

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