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[DSA] Diploma In Software Application And Digital Signature Algorithm: DSA Full Form in Computer Course

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DSA Full Form in Computer Course : DSA means Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) and Diploma In Software Application. In this article you going to get complete knowledge regarding DSA in case of course and computer.

The NIST introduced digital signature algorithm (DSA) in year 1991.The NIST stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology. Today used DSA along with RSA and it is one of most preferred digital signature every were. Important about DSA is that, it create digital thumbprint of data.

DSA do not encrypt or decrypt message digests using private or public key instead it use mathematical function for creating digital signature. Compare to RSA, authentication process is more complicated in DSA. Digital Signature Algorithm authenticate the signature use the public key.

Complete Details of DSA Full Form in Computer Course

DSA computer course fees

There are many course of DSA. The mostly course fee of the DSA is near about 7000 to 1000 not include Tax. It can be vary depends on feature and complete requirement provided by the institute and various educational academy.

To Complete duration of the course is 240 hrs. (12 Month).

DSA course

To do course of DSA (Diploma in Software Application) include various content and concept. After completing the course one can have good knowledge in development of software application.

It include course such as Computer Fundamental, Windows (Platform Requirement in case of Software application, MS Office such as (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), DBMS & RDBMS Concept, Concept Of networking, Internet and Email, Visual BASIC Programming, C and C++ programming concept, HTML, Java Script, System Analysis & Designing.

DSA full form in engineering

Data structure and Algorithm (DSA) is applied in all disciplines of software development. DSA is the building block of the software development process. It is not limited to a single programming language.

The Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) is a (FIPS)Federal Information Processing Standard for digital signatures(DS), completely based on the mathematical modular concept of exponentiation and the discrete logarithm problem.

In Electronic DSA is Digital Simulation Archive, also Dimensionally Stable Anode (Chemistry) and In case of Computer and Networking the full form Directory System Authentication (DSA)

DFS full form in computer course

In computer course the DFS full form is “Diploma in Financial Accounting”. It is computer basic made for the student of commerce. After completing of the course of DFA, it can make very easy to work under the sector of finance and accounting.

Tally is one of the best Accounting software and with the help of this software one can easily work with accounting. In this you can learn office Automation and Tally software. After learning this you can do job easily.

Who are eligible to do DFA Computer course

  • The course is very easy and can be easily completed in a short period of time.
  • Completing After 12th commerce student.
  • Job Seeker in the field of Accounting.
  • Professional and Well Experienced in the field of Accounting.
  • Student who want to make there career in accounting.

DFA Course Benefits

It is a basic course of accounting and good for the commerce student who want to make there career in the field of accounting.

  • Good for the Account Candidates
  • Very easy to learn
  • On completing the course you can easily access the computer.
  • MS Office Complete Training
  • Tally Complete Training
  • Easy to figure out the talent and account interest.
  • Opportunities in Job
  • Account Executive
  • Tally operator
  • Admin Executive
  • Banking Clerk
  • Inventory Clerk

DFA Job Sector

(IT) :Information Technology


(HM) :Hospitality Management

Marketing & Advertisement

Duration DFA Course

Need 6 Month :If you do for 2 hrs. per day in offline mode.

Need 3 Month :If you do for 1 hr. per day in offline mode.

In case of online mode. Its completion depends on your schedule to complete course.

DCA computer course full form

In Computer course the full form of DCA is Diploma in Computer application. It is one year based course. It main work is provide the candidates who want to do course to learn best realistic and technological details regarding programming tools and applications used in every day task.

Diploma in Computer Application Software

The Various Software require in computer Application

  • Basic internet concepts
  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Introduction to programming
  • Programming in C and C++
  • RDBMS & Data Management
  • Multimedia
  • Corel draw
  • Tally ERP 9.0
  • Photoshop

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What is DSA Full Form in Bank?

In Bank, the full form DSA is direct selling agent or it is a agent who work as referral agent for Bank and NBFC.

What is DSA information technology?

Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA).

What does DMA stand for in engineering?

(DMA) Dynamic mechanical analysis.

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