Difference between VoIP vs SIP

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In the business world, every technology have their specific importance.

Every business communication involve more voice call.

So Phone is considered as one of the important tool for communication purpose.

Many professional in this enterprise world use a lot of different technology for conversation.

And in case of business this tool is very much importance.

On a given day, it’s normal for the normal worker to depend on telephones, email, versatile applications, visit, text, and video conferencing.

Internet and Telecommunications headways have extended the choices organizations have in business telephone frameworks.

Progressively, associations are changing from dated alternatives like Primary Rate Interface (PRI lines) to more coordinated choices like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to spare expenses.

Numerous associations can profit more from a Unified Communications approach, which supports voice, text, conferencing, versatility, and different types of correspondence.

In case you’re assessing new business telephone frameworks, you might be thinking about what the thing that matters is between Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and VoIP, and which is ideal.

Let’s start with the topic of difference between VoIP vs SIP.

What is VoIP?

The full form of VoIP is ‘Voice over internet protocol’.

Calling is made with the help of internet protocol.

The main function of VoIP is with help of internet protocol convert your voice call into data packets which is transmitted over the internet.

The important point regarding VoIP is the voice service which is considered as a key to the difference between it and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Mostly all the developers for managing communication between digital devices using protocol referred certain set digital rules.

For successful communication every end must follow same set digital rules.

It is similarly like sending something with the help of snail mail.

In order to send mail properly for that you need a stamp on the envelope.

Similarly in order to be received on the other end you need correct address.

Otherwise the result is fail in communication.

What is SIP?

The full form of SIP is Session Initiation Protocol and is completely different to VoIP regarding its functionality.

Manages voice calls and also multimedia communication, including video calls, instant messaging, media distribution.

SIP is one of the important specific type of protocol which facilitates VoIP and also referred as ‘VoIP Superhighway’.

It is referred due to several devices or endpoints which communicate simultaneously.

It is upgradable, calls are very clear and , QoS(Quality of Service) is higher and line rental and phone calls are a lot more inexpensive.

Because of this above feature if any recommend what is best to use between VoIP and SIP, SIP is the winner

Benefits Of SIP – Difference between VoIP vs SIP

Below are the benefits of SIP from which you come to understand why to use SIP, instead VoIP

  • In-Expensive

Line rental cost is comparatively lower than traditional PSTN lines and local, mobile, national.

If you thinking about international call, It is also inexpensive than they used.

  • Scalability

Size of your office phone network up or down easily without going to your office to install new equipment and without major cost.

  • Reliability

Provide High Quality of Service.

When you go with a provider then they will you the best service available from there end.

  • Redundancy

Offers more re-routing options for redundancy than PSTN or ISDN service.

  • Individualistic Network Access

Not like PTSN and ISDN services, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) can be carried over any data network type which include copper, fiber and wireless networks.

From which you get the point is that switching to the NBN would not affect your SIP service.

What is best in between VoIP vs SIP for your business?

If you see technically, there is not competition between VoIP and SIP.

SIP is just a protocol which is used to achieve VoIP.

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