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Difference between PHP and HTML

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In this article, you going to see difference between PHP and HTML in depth and in detail with a simple example step by step.

If you are looking for this topic then you are at a right place.

Let’s start with difference between PHP and HTML

PHP – It is a Personal Homepage or Hypertext Preprocessor.

It is a world wide popular and easy, well known programming languages.

Useful is development of dynamic website.

It is called server side scripting language and useful is development complex web application.

The main thing regarding PHP is it help the web developer in creation of dynamically generated web pages.

With the help of database connection and embedded HTML, helps in development well and good dynamic websites.

HTML Hypertext Markup Language

It is helpful in development of static website.

Consist of HTML tags and it is also HTML element.

HTML files contain instructions on how components of pages should be displayed.

It tells the web browser regarding displaying of text, images and other forms of multimedia on a webpage.

HTML is not a programming language, it’s a text based approach contains content within HTML file.


Rasmus Lerdorf developed PHPBerners-Lee developed HTML
It is a Markup Language.It is an open-source and worldwide popular server-side scripting language.
Dynamic websites and Web Applications developedStatic Website is developed
Codes are dynamicCodes are Static
It is a server-side scripting language that connects
with a database connection that receives data
with the help of which provides the content to HTML pages to display on the screen.
It is consists of text, images, and other multimedia content that help in the creation of HTML static web sites.
It is easy to learn but as not as compared It is very simple to learn as compared to PHP
to HTML.
It is very simple to learn as compared to PHP
Server-side development.Front-end development.
PHP cannot be used in an HTML fileHTML can be used in a PHP file.
Extensions of PHP are .php, .php3, .php4, .php7Extensions of HTML are .html, .htm
PHP is compatible with almost all available browsers.HTML is compatible with all browsers.

Conclusion :

Finally, done with the difference between HTML and PHP.

I hope you will have a better understanding of HTML and PHP after reading this article.

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