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Difference Between C and C++ Programming Language

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In this article, we going to see the Difference Between C and C++ Programming Language in details and step by step with example.

If you are looking for this topic then you are at right place.

Let’s start with the topic regarding Difference Between C and C++ Programming Language.

What is C and C++?

Both C and C++ is a programing language.

Important point regarding both these programing language is C is procedural programing language, one more important point regarding C is that, it does not support class and objects.

And C++ is a procedural and support class and objects.

What is Similarities between C and C++?

Similarities between C and C++ is that both are procedural programing language.

Syntax for both the language is similar.

If you going to see the coding structure for both the languages are same.

Compilation for both programing languages are same.

Basic syntax for both language is same and operators, keywords of C language present in C++ and perform the same thing.

What is difference between C and C++ memory management?

In the case of C and C++ memory management, C uses a function called malloc and calloc function to allocate memory dynamically which occurs at run time.

C also use the function called to free dynamically allocated memory.

In case of C++, the main point is that it supports and also it has 2 operators called new and delete that perform task for allocating and freeing the memory in a simple way.

What is difference between C and C++?

C C++
In the year between 1969 and 1973 at Labs called AT&T Bell, C programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie.In the year 1979, the C++ programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup.
Not support polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance indirectly it means that not support object-oriented programming.It is an object-oriented programming language that means support polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance.
A programming language called C contains 32 keywords.In the case of C++ language contains 52 keywords.
The subset of C++.Superset of C.
In the development of C language code, it supports procedural programmingSupport for both procedural and object-oriented programming paradigms. Hence it also is known as a Hybrid language.
In C language, Data and functions are separated as it is a procedural language.In the case of C++ language, functions and data are encapsulated together in form of an object
Not support information hiding.Data in C++ programming language is hidden by the Encapsulation to ensure that data structures and operators.
Support Built-in data types.C++ language support user-defined and Built-in data types.
C language not support function and operator overloading.Support Function and operator overloading.
It is a function-driven language.Object-driven language.
Functions in C are not defined inside structures.In a language called C++, functions can be used inside a structure.
Inside C, namespace features are not present.Namespace features are present, which avoids name collisions.
stdio.h is used in the Header fileiostream.h is used in the Header file
Reference variables are not supported.Reference variables are supported
In C language, inheritance does not support.C++ supports inheritance.
For input/output in C scanf() and printf() functions are used.In C++ language for input/output cin and cout are used.

What is difference between C and C++ syntax?

C “Hello World!” Program

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
   // printf() displays the string inside quotation
   printf("Hello, World!");
   return 0;

Hello, World!

C++ “Hello World!” Program

#include <iostream>

int main() {
    std::cout << "Hello World!";
    return 0;
Hello World!

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Conclusion :

Finally we done with the point of comparison C and C++ language.

I hope you like this article and if you think that i have missing something, please comment below.

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