Cut Off Marks for UPSC Prelims 2022

Cut Off Marks for UPSC Prelims 2022: UPSC Prelims-2022 was held on June 5, 2022. This year’s UPSC Prelims Cut-Off Marks are 90-95 marks. UPSC Prelims 2021 cut-off marks have been released. The cut-off mark for General Category candidates was 87.54. We expect the 2022 prelims cut-off to be in the range of 90-95.

UPSC Cut Off 2021 was published on May 30, 2022. This date coincided with the announcement by the Union Public Service Commission of the UPSC Final Results for Civil Services 2021.

Complete Details Regarding Cut Off Marks for UPSC Prelims 2022

Prelims of UPSC 2022 Expected Cut Off Marks

Every year, the All-India Exam, Civil Services Examination (CSE), is conducted by UPSC. The exam has three stages: Prelims (mains) and Mains (interview). Each step requires candidates to achieve higher marks than the UPSC Cut Off, which the Commission sets.

Facts About the UPSC Cutoff

These points will clarify doubts about how the UPSC Cut-Off is calculated.

Only General Studies I is used to calculating the UPSC prelims cut-off marks. General Studies II and the CSAT papers are not considered for merit ranking and are only qualifying in nature. To be eligible for mains, candidates must score at least 33% on the GS II paper. Check out “How does the UPSC decide the cut-off for the UPSC Prelims Exam?” to see how it works.

The UPSC cut-off marks are the marks of the last candidate selected based on the number of vacancies within a specific category. After completing the Civil Services Exam for that year, the UPSC will release the Prelims and Mains cut-off marks.

UPSC has clarified a few points regarding the selection of candidates based on the cut-off

1: If two candidates score the Civil Services Examination with equal aggregate marks, the Commission will resolve the tie by awarding a higher rank to the candidate who scores more marks in compulsory papers and IAS Interview.

2: If two candidates score the same in both compulsory papers and the UPSC personality test, the senior candidate will be given a higher rank.

3: If two candidates score equally in both the compulsory papers and the UPSC CSE interview and are also of similar age, then the candidate with higher marks in only critical papers is allotted a rank.

Cut-off for UPSC Prelims

UPSC Prelims Cutoff is determined by UPSC based upon marks in GS Paper 1. To be eligible for Prelims, candidates must pass GS Paper 2 and score at least 33%. Candidates who pass the UPSC Prelims Cutoff are eligible to take the Mains Exam, and UPSC publishes the Prelims cut-off for each category separately.

The UPSC Prelims Cutoff 2021 has yet to be announced. According to UPSC Exam Analysis for IAS Prelims 2020, the UPSC Cutoff 2021 will be 100 2 (UPSC Exam Analysis for IAS Prelims 2020).

UPSC Prelims Cutoff 2020: 92.51 in the General category.

UPSC Prelims Cutoff 2019: 98 was published on the official website.

Cut-off for UPSC 2022

The UPSC has published the IAS Notification 2022. According to the notification, the UPSC Prelims exam will be held on June 5, 2022. The Prelims exam results will be announced after the exam is completed. Those who pass the exam will then be eligible to take the Mains exam that will be held on September 16. The UPSC Interview round will be held for those who have passed the Mains exam. Soon after completing the UPSC exams in 2022, UPSC will publish the Prelims, Mains, and Final exam cut-offs on its official website.

Answer Key to the Civil Services Prelims Questionnaire

Candidates can access the answer keys and question papers at the following links: The UPSC Prelims Score 2022 – 90-95 Note – The official cut-off will be released by Commission after the entire 2022 recruitment process has been completed.


How do you get the IAS Cutoff 2021?

Check out the UPSC Cutoff 2021: Interested candidates may download IAS Prelims Question Papers 2020 or IAS Answer Key 2020 by check out link

How do I know the IAS Prelims 2021 Cut-off?

The UPSC released the Cut-off 2021 on there official website.

How is the cut-off calculated?

These points will clarify doubts about how the UPSC Cutoff is calculated. The UPSC Prelims cut-off marks are based only on General Studies I.