COPD Full Form in Medical Term: Symptoms, Causes, Types, Treatment

COPD Full Form in Medical Term, Types, Causes, Treatment, Diseases, Symptoms with complete clarification and explained step by step.

The Full form of COPD is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. You can also say as Full Form of COPD in English and Medical Term.

It is one type of inflammatory chronic lung disease. COPD causes a block in airflow from every part of the lungs.

People who have COPD may be chances of heart disease, lung cancer, and other various condition

Complete Guide: COPD Full Form in Medical Term.

COPD Full Form in Medical Term
COPD Full Form

What are the Four Stages of COPD?

There are four stages of COPD.

  • First : Stage 1 is Early in Which Forced expiratory volume (FEV-1) is Greater than equal to 80 percent.
  • Second : Stage 2 is Moderate in Which Forced expiratory volume (FEV-1) range 50-79 percent.
  • Third : Stage 3 is Severe in Which Forced expiratory volume (FEV-1) range 30-49 percent.
  • Fourth : Stage 4 is Very Severe in Which Forced expiratory volume (FEV-1) less than equal to 30 percent.

What is COPD Symptoms

Below is given the COPD Symptoms

Decrease in Energy Level

Tightness in Chest

Loss in Weight

Chances of Swelling in case of ankles and legs.

Breathing Problem while doing various types of different activities.

Signs of COPD getting Worse

There are many different signs of COPD due to which condition of many people condition getting worse.

The signs such as getting chronic breathing problem during doing different physical activities.

Physical Activities such as walking, doing running, and heavy works require strength.

Swelling in different parts of the body’s mainly legs and ankle.

Loss in weight and lower energy level.

Causes of COPD

There are many different causes of COPD but mainly is due to Smoking. There is a different rate of doing smoking in different parts of the country.

The COPD is also getting when people come in contact with the fumes of burning fuel used in cooking and also due to not good heating ventilated homes.

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COPD Treatment: COPD Prevention Steps

  • Best to do Avoid Smoking
  • Avoid coming in contact with unhealthy air.
  • Always try to have and eat good, nutritional, healthy food.
  • Do always exercise. To do better exercise maintain time table for it.
  • Due to medication, treatment of COPD can be done.
  • Surgery helps in COPD treatment, such as removing damaged lung tissue.
  • Use Oxygen therapy

COPD Disease

  • Chances to get Heart Diseases.
  • Different types of Heart Problems.
  • Lung Cancer.
  • Pulmonary Hypertension – People with COPD may sometimes cause High Blood Pressure in arteries due to which chances of blood are to come contact with the lungs.
  • In these cases, many people get into depression, and due to which people get infected with various diseases.

Pathophysiology of COPD

Pathophysiology is the unfavorable progression of functional changes correlated with diseases. This starts the people have COPD, damage through airways and create small sacs inside the lungs. This increases the symptoms of cough and further results in problems of breathing.

Whatever damage is done due to COPD cannot be reversed but people with COPD can take precautionary steps for lowering the chances of getting COPD.

How COPD affects the lungs.

There are two important circumstances of COPD which are called “chronic bronchitis” and another one is “emphysema“. Various parts of the lungs get affected due to this disease. Both of them create problems with breathing.

Understanding in a better way the Pathophysiology of COPD, it is first important thing is to understand the structure of the lungs.

During the inhalation, the air goes inside everywhere with the help of the trachea and after that, it is then with the help of a tube known as bronchi. Then through the branch of bronchi and it forms into a smaller tube which is known as bronchioles. These bronchioles are small air sacs which are known as alveoli. There is a capillary at the end of the alveoli and it is tiny blood vessels.

With the help of these capillaries, the oxygen travels through the lungs to the bloodstream. In Interchange, Carbon dioxide moves to blood capillaries and then into the lungs and finally exhaled.

And emphysema is Alveoli disease. In this case, fibers get damage which helps in making alveoli wall. Due to this, progress in the difficulty of carbon dioxide exhaled out.

Types of COPD

There are mainly two types of COPD. It is explained above.

Chronic Bronchitis.


Stages of COPD

There are 4 stages of COPD include range – Mild to Very severe. At this stage, it shows symptoms such as cough, minor breathing problem starts and also include wheezing.

Both types of COPD’s main cause is due to tobacco smoke, so the doctors always tell try to stop smoking.

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