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Coorg Weather in April

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Coorg Weather in April : If you’re planning to visit Coorg this April, the best time to go is between late March and mid-April. The weather in Coorg is pleasant, with temperatures barely rising above 10 degrees throughout the winter and around 25 degrees during the summer. The cool breeze will make your trip to the region more enjoyable, and you’ll be able to explore the region’s scenic vistas and enjoy the many adventure activities.

Complete Guide : Coorg Weather in April

In Summer Month

During the summer months, the rainy season takes over and Coorg temperatures drop to around 15 degrees. While the temperature doesn’t fall drastically, it’s still hot enough to be comfortable. The coolness of the region makes it a great place to visit in any month.

And if you love the cold, you can find the perfect clothes to keep you warm. But if you want to avoid the rains, you’ll probably want to come in April.

Best Time Coorg

The best time to visit Coorg is between October and June. The climate is pleasant and the temperatures remain between 15 and 35 degrees. During the winter months, the weather is colder and the temperatures drop to as low as eight degrees.

Despite the cold, the summer months are still the best time to visit the region, as they offer the coolest weather. In addition to the pleasant weather, you’ll also have a chance to explore the stunningly beautiful vistas and scenic landscapes.

Spring and Autumn Coorg

While spring and autumn are the best times to visit Coorg, the rainy season starts in June and runs through September. During this time, temperatures rise to about 25 degrees and remain steady until January.

The temperature during these months is 10 degrees lower than in the summer, so this is an ideal time to go to the hill station. The rainy season is the best time to visit Coorg. However, if you can’t wait till the summer to visit, you might want to stay in Coorg until the rainy season ends.

Coorg in Summer

The summer season in Coorg starts in late May and lasts through the middle of April. During this time, the temperatures are cooler, and the landscape is lush. The temperature in the monsoon season is around 24 degrees, but the rainy season lasts until the end of January.

During the winter, the temperatures in Coorg range from 10 to 28 degrees. This makes this region the perfect destination all year round.

If you’re considering a trip to the hill station in April, you’re in luck. Although the temperatures can reach 35 degrees during the winter months, the rainy season in Coorg is generally the best time to visit the area. The best time to visit the area during this time is during the fall and winter seasons, as temperatures remain pleasant during these seasons.

You’ll also find many people visiting the region during this period and the temperature will remain between 15 and 35 degrees throughout the day.

Popular Time : Coorg

The summer season is the most popular time to visit Coorg. Temperatures are mild throughout the year and can range anywhere from 15 degrees to 35 degrees. The climate in Coorg is a beautiful destination all year long, but the rainy season is a good time to avoid the hotter months.

For the most comfortable weather, try to visit the area in the months of April and May. The temperatures in these months will stay comfortably within the range of fifteen degrees and thirty degrees during the entire duration of the winter.

The summer season in Coorg is typically the best time to visit. The weather in April is very mild and comfortable, and you can visit at any time of the year.

The temperatures in the mountains range from twenty-three degrees in March to thirty-four degrees in the summer. During the winter months, it is cool and rainy, but still, the rainy season is the best time to visit the town.

Monsoon in Coorg

The monsoon in Coorg begins around June and lasts through September. During the monsoon, the temperature in Coorg is very high – from twenty-three to forty-six degrees.

During the winter season, the temperature in Coorg is moderate – temperatures range between ten and thirty degrees. If you’re planning to visit the area in April, it’s best to avoid the rainy season.

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