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ITI full form (Abbreviation) What is ITI meaning in English

Abbreviation ITI full form is Industrial Training Institute. ITI operates under the Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGET). It provides vocational training for students...

Full Form of NTPC in Railway

Full Form of NTPC in Railway, complete clarification and guidance. NTPC is one type of exam. It is used for the recruitment of applicants...

MCWOG Full Form in India 2022

MCWOG Full Form in India 2022, MCWG full form with complete details and clarification. Clarification regarding MCWOG Full Form in India 2022 MCWOG full form The exact...

UPSC Full Form in English Hindi Marathi Exam and Syllabus 2021

Complete Education and Detailed regarding UPSC Full Form. It is an abbreviation, and education regarding such abbreviations is used in various types of topics. It can...

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