BLR Full Form Meaning Stands For complete detail and expanded clarification given in step by step.

In this article of the BLR full form, you will the information in detail regarding another sector such as airway, army, military and defense, cricket, IPL, and many more.

Complete Guide on BLR Full Form Meaning Stands For

BLR Full Form Meaning Stands For
BLR Full Form

What is BLR country

The Belarus country ISO Code is BLR

BLR Full Form in Banking

Bank Loan Rating and also one more Base Lending Rate in Account and Finance is the full form in the case of the Banking Sector.

BLR Full Form in Chatting

Benefit Loss Ratio is expanded form in case of chatting.

BLR Full Form in Army

Browning Lever Rifle and also Breach Loading Rifle in Army.

BLR Airport Full Form

Bangalore international airport named Kempegowda International Airport

BLR Full Form Cricket

Royal Challengers Bangalore in Cricket.

What is BLR in IPL

Royal Challengers Bangalore

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full form

BLR Full Form in Medical

In case of medical full form is bilateral lobar resection

BLR Full Form in Flight

“Kempegowda International Airport” in case flight in an airport